16 Ways to Make $100 (with semi-legitimacy)

You may not like these options, but the following techniques have been proven to put $100 in your pocket over and over again.

It would be best to make your next $100 on something legit, but for those looking to squeeze an extra few dollars out of almost nowhere…

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1) Dumpster dive for bottles

At 5 cents a pop, you only need 2000 empty beers to reach $100.

2) Theft from loved ones

Just kidding. This is a colossally stupid idea unless you like jailtime and having no friends.

3) Cash in as an independent rock musician

Find 3 pals, practice for months, record an LP, tour 25 cities, and hope to sell 45 CDs.

4) Circular math

Lend yourself $120 from your long-term savings, pay yourself back a down-payment of $20, and record the tranaction on a napkin of your choice, take another shot of JD, and be sure to discard the napkin as soon as possible.

5) Prayer

Where’s the harm in trying? 🙂

6) “Protection” money from neighbors

$5 a week for you to NOT beat up a neighbor x 20 neighbors = $100 per week. Recurring income potential.

7) Palladium rustling

Platinum & palladium are good for catalytic converters. Find 5 large vehicles (preferably SUVs – cars that need more pollution control carry more of the precious metal), cut out the catalytic converter, and laugh your way to $100.

8 ) Work 7.69 hours at an Alberta McDonalds

That’s right – the job market is so hot in Canada that brand new burger-flippers, fry cookers, and drive-thru window operators are making $13 an hour. Starting wage. Actually, this might be the best option from this entire list…

9) Think up a good joke

Send your joke to Readers Digest and hope for the best.

10) Piracy

Find a deserted highway or spot on the open seas, practice your accent, and watch the money happen.

11) Set up a mobile pay toilet

Dirty work, but set up shop next to a concert, ball game, or outdoor event, advertise as having “the cleanest seat in town”, and charge $5 for 5 minutes. Make $100 in less than an afternoon.

12) Buy gold

Throw $100 USD at gold, wait 30 days, then trade your gold back for USD. WIth today’s rate of currency colapse, making a spare $100 is almost guaranteed.

13) Bet against the Toronto Maple Leafs

Always a safe bet.

14) Set up an online business

How hard can it be?

15) Invest $2857.14 at 3.5% interest.

Thanks to Fedhead Ben, compound interest now almost pays for your banking transaction fees.

16) Clean out the vacuums at a local car wash

Most automotive vacuum cleaners hold several $$’s in change by the end of an average day. You’ll have to rinse off your findings, but this is some of the easiest $100 around.

Bonus #17) Search online for “$100 Prize”

There are lots of contests & competitions for a $100 prize. Who knows, you just might win something. But personally, I’d stick to something more proven to actually make $100. 🙂