“A Fighting Chance” & “A New Fighting Chance” Books by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

The book A Fighting Chance by Dr. Gordon Pedersen was released in 2008 and discussed 2008’s leading silver technology. A second and third edition followed almost immediately (2008, 2009) with minor content changes. Over 200,000 copies of A Fighting Chance were sold.

By 2014, six years after the publication of A Fighting Chance, Dr. Pedersen released a fourth edition of the book with substantial revisions and new content. This new book is called A New Fighting Chance.

A Fighting Chance & A New Fighting Chance - Dr. Gordon Pedersen Books

“A Fighting Chance” & “A New Fighting Chance” by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

A New Fighting Chance discusses advances in silver technology over the last six years.  Building on the original book, it gives detailed explanations of how to use the latest silver solutions along with a host of brand new material.

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A New Fighting Chance

For readers who already have a copy of A Fighting Chance (first, second, or third edition), there is a lot of new material in the 2014 book.  A look at the new Table of Contents confirms this:

  1. What is this New Structured Silver?
  2. Silver History
  3. Critical Differentiations – Structured Silver is New
  4. Beyond Just Chemistry
  5. What Does Silver Do?
  6. Which Germs?
  7. Alkalinity
  8. Silver Energy
  9. Structured Silver Water: What a Structure Means
  10. Magnetism
  11. Electrical Energy
  12. Electromagnetic Energy
  13. Industrial Hygiene During the Manufacturing Process
  14. Antioxidants and Silver
  15. Silver Will Not Do…
  16. Travel Kit
  17. Medical Missions and Travel Medicine with Dr. Bryan Frank
  18. Silver and the Environment
  19. The Safe and Non-Toxic Nature of Structured Silver
  20. Ingesting Silver is Normal
  21. Preventative
  22. Structured Silver Passes from the Body Unmetabolized
  23. Topical Use
  24. General Uses for Body Systems
  25. ESSENCE of Wellness
  26. Silver Uses A to Z
  27. Women’s Health and Silver
  28. Animals: Cats, Dogs and Horses
  29. Wound Protocols for Silver Liquid and Gel in Humans and Animals
  30. Frequently Asked Questions About Silver
  31. Nelson Labs Test Results
  32. Appendixes
  33. References
  34. Index

About the Author

This overview of Dr. Pedersen comes from the back cover of A New Fighting Chance:

Gordon Pedersen
Board Certified Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

Gordon Pedersen is one of the world’s most well educated doctors. He is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), with a Ph.D. from the Toxicology Program at Utah State University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness. He performed his cardiology internship at LDS Hospital under Jonas Salk, the American medical researcher noted for the discovery and development of the polio vaccine. He has formulated hundreds of products, is a best selling author, is the Medical Director of the Silver Health Institute and is considered to be the leading authority on medicinal uses of silver. He has personally funded efforts for bring silver’s benefits into Africa’s poorest communities with dramatic results including his published cure for malaria.

In this 2013 video, Dr. Pedersen speaks about some of his earlier silver publications (including A Fighting Chance) and how they connect with more recent silver developments:

“A Fighting Chance was a textbook on how to use it…

Now while those were really terrific and had absolutely medical benefits, I now want to talk to you about some of the newest research…

So, when you see articles that are written by me in the past, know that the latest research is documenting even a better and finer form of silver, and tomorrow, I hope we’ll even do more.”

Availability in eBook and in Print

A New Fighting Chance is available on Amazon in printed form and as an ebook.

The original A Fighting Chance is now out of print. Although copies can still be found through some older sellers, why not get the 2014 book with the benefits of six extra years of research?

Excerpt From The Book

Here is a portion of A New Fighting Chance from page 3 to 7.

Currently, silver water purification filters are used by organizations that include international airliners and NASA.  Increasing numbers of Americans use silver in their fabrics, appliances, and home water filters.  Electrical ionization units are being used in swimming pool water to help sanitize the water without the harsh effects of chlorine.  Silver is also found in many applications within our hospitals, from needles to bandages to disinfectants for newborn babies’ eyes.  (3) 
Burns and wound healing make up a multi-billion-dollar industry.  One of the foremost treatments is silver, which is used topically as a gel, liquid, spray, bandage, and antimicrobial to enhance wound healing.  Because silver destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast it will help any wound or burn by preventing infection and stimulating stem cells (133).  Wounds heal faster and with less scarring when bacteria, viruses and yeast cannot contaminate the wound.  Burn victims report a reduction in pain when silver liquid or gel is applied to the wound.  Because silver can be applied in an open wound it can assist in disinfection and help stimulate the healing factors of the immune system.  This is true for vaginal infections and internal bleeding in the uterus or cervix as well.
New advances with silver continue to be made in the pursuit of maximum effectiveness and safety.  In just the past two or three years, brand new ways of structuring silver molecules into water have been developed that show significantly improved results when compared with earlier silver products.  This is an emerging field in terms of public familiarity.
Critical Differentiations–Structured Silver is New
This brings us to a critical point: structured silver is not the same as other silver products.  Even other products that contain silver and water are not the same as structured silver.
1000 years ago, people used primitive forms of silver and received mild antimicrobial benefits. 
100 years ago, people used primitive colloidal and ionic silver products and received good antimicrobial benefits, but also suffered side effects like Argyria.  Argyria is not life-threatening and is rare, but it is an undesirable discoloration of the skin towards a bluish-grey.  Argyria can occur with concentrated silvers (very high ppm, such as 50,000 ppm) and impure silver compounds (eg.  silver salts) that precipitate within the body.  Argyria cannot happen with new structured silvers, when taken as suggested.
10 years ago, people used more advanced silver solutions and gels and received excellent antimicrobial benefits and vastly improved safety standards.
Today, people have access to structured silver products that even outperform last decade’s products.  The new silvers are safer and more effective.  When compared with last decade’s top products at top U.S.  laboratories and in clinical usage, today’s structured silver shows significantly improved performance against pathogens and reduced healing times as high as 40% faster.
In short, our ability to access silver’s benefits has moved from primitive to good over the centuries, with new levels of excellence available now that are even better than last decade’s best.  Just as computers have developed at a rapid pace, so have silvers.  A computer from 25 or 10 years ago was a good tool at the time, but how many people choose an old computer when faced with a design, communication, programming, or entertainment need?  10 years old may be good, but it is no longer the best.  As it is with computers, cameras, and smartphones, so it is with silvers.
When choosing your silver products, be mindful of what you seek.  You might not be able to see the differences with the naked eye, but they are real and can impact your health. 
If you were five or six nanometers tall, the differences between silver products would be as obvious as the differences between a horse and a cow.  Yet, since you are likely closer to five or six feet tall, the differences between a pH-balanced (alkaline) structured silver and other substances are invisible without closer inspection.
In short, you do not need to use your grandma’s silver.  Just as horses and cows are similar yet critically different, old-fashioned silver products and pH-balanced structured silver are similar but critically different from one another.
With clarity on this point, a new health vector emerges.  Without clarity, today’s new silver products are incorrectly called ”snake oil” or worse due to confusion with older technologies. 
Unfortunately, many of today’s medical experts remain ignorant of the interrelationship between physics, energy, healing, and silver.  When questioned about silver, many experts still respond in terms of biochemistry, which is a decades-old approach suitable for decades-old silvers that worked through biochemistry.  However, the biochemical paradigm is insufficient for understanding and applying today’s silvers, which are built with biophysics in mind. 
This is a huge shortcoming of today’s medical field.  Leading-edge doctors are making use of the latest silver technologies, but many more doctors still think in an obsolete paradigm.
Beyond Just Chemistry
As methods of using silver have advanced over the centuries, the primary focus has been on chemistry.  Whether dealing with basic metallurgy or finding ways to access silver within a liquid, the questions have generally centered around “what are the ingredients” and “what size are the particles.”  These questions led us from using silver coins in our water supplies (the root of today’s odd practice of throwing coins into public fountains) to basic colloidal silver products, ionic silver liquids, and even to nanosilver solutions.  These advances led humanity from primitive access of silver to a much better form.
However, the progress does not stop with chemistry.  Newer forms of silver are also utilizing physics to even further improve our access to silver.  In addition to the questions of ingredients and size, leaders in the field are now also asking, “How does biophysics apply?”
For instance, did you know that silver is the best conductor of energy on the entire Periodic Table of the Elements, yet that most of today’s silver products do not take advantage of this?  Most of today’s popular silver products also do not take advantage of recent breakthroughs in magnetics that profoundly affect molecular structure, the characteristics of water, and ultimately the ability of an end product to defeat pathogens.
Summarized, by the year 2013 there were several silver products on the market with excellent chemistry, but very few with equally excellent physics.  The difference in performance is clear in lab results and clinical healing times, but many people are not yet accustomed to thinking in terms of biophysics and thus find these performance differences confusing.
If you are new to the term “biophysics,” I suggest taking a few minutes to do an online search for the topic.  It will prove most illuminating. 
Very briefly, biophysics strives to address biological questions while using tools and principles from physics.  This includes magnetism, wavelengths (including x-rays and MRI), nanotechnology, and energy.  Biophysics is already used in hospitals throughout North America, yet most people are still more accustomed to thinking of health within the biochemistry model that was dominantly explored and taught throughout the 20th century.

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