Beyond Silver

Beyond Silver is an emerging success story, offering access to the industry-leading structured silver technology through retail outlets.  Structured silver is the new form of silver that outperforms older silver technologies such as colloidal silver, ionic silver, and silver hydrosol.

Beyond SilverBeyond Silver comes in two forms: a liquid for internal consumption and a gel for topical application.

The liquid has 10 parts-per-million of silver, yet outperforms earlier silver technologies even when they have a much higher concentration of silver. The benefit is that extremely effective action against bacteria, viruses and yeast is possible with almost no silver present.

The gel has 25 parts-per-million of silver, but also contains a high-end form of aloe vera for extra benefit to the skin. Known as BiAloe, this certified organic aloe has many advantages over other forms of aloe vera. Within the Beyond Silver gel, it forms an ideal partnership with the structured silver to quickly disinfect and sooth skin.

Beyond Silver has achieved positive reviews, including being named to Vista Magazine’s 2015 Editor’s Favourite Things.

The trick to using structured silver is to get it to the right place in or on the body: wherever bacteria, viruses, or yeast may be causing trouble. Once the silver can contact the pathogen, it can neutralize the problem and let the body get back to normal function of replacing damaged cells one at a time over the following weeks.

Many times, swallowing two teaspoons twice a day is a good way to keep Beyond Silver in the body for general immune support. However, Beyond Silver can also be applied directly into the eyes, ears, nose, skin, or any other part of the body. There are many suggestions for delivering silver to various body regions listed here.

I have used Beyond Silver and can report very quick results when taken as directed. It really delivers.

Beyond Silver is available in leading health food stores. More information is online here: Beyond Silver Official Website.

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