Star Trek Continues

Star Trek Continues is a non-commercial fan fiction video series producing excellent new episodes that are freely released online. The story picks up with the Captain Kirk Enterprise (1701) in the time period just after the cancellation of The Original Series and the Animated Series.

More information, full episodes, and behind the scenes footage is available at Their YouTube channel is also filled with great content.

The best thing you can do if you’re a Trekker is to enjoy these episodes, share them around, and send feedback to the team of volunteers making these videos that you like what they’re doing. There is superb writing, set-making, universe expansion, production, acting, sound, and obvious respect for the tradition they are working within. This fan sure loves it!

For ease of viewing, here are the first eleven full episodes…

Episode 1: Pilgrim of Eternity

Episode 2: Lolani

Episode 3: Fairest of Them All

Episode 4: The White Iris

Episode 5: Divided We Stand

Episode 6: Come Not Between the Dragons

Episode 7: Embracing the Winds

Episode 8: Still Treads the Shadow

Episode 9: What Ships Are For

Episode 10: To Boldly Go: Part I

Episode 11: To Boldly Go: Part II

Live Long and Prosper

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95 Thank You Translations

Making friends with people who speak a different language? Say “thank you” in their native language!

95 Translations For Thank You


Here are the thank you translations in text form in case that’s better for you:

Afrikaans Dankie
Albanian ju faleminderit
Algerian faleminderit
Arabic شكرا
Aragonese Grazias
Armenian Շնորհակալություն
Azerbaijani Sağ ol
Basque eskerrik asko
Belarusian Дзякуй
Bengali তোমাকে ধন্যবাদ
Bosnian hvala
Breton trugéré
Bulgarian благодаря
Bulu Akeva
Burmese Chezu ba
Catalan gràcies
Cebuano Salamat
Chichewa zikomo
Chinese 谢谢
Croatian hvala
Czech děkuji
Danish Tak
Dutch dank u
Esperanto Dankon
Estonian aitäh
Faroese takk fyri
Fillipino salamat
Finnish kiitos
French Merci
Galician Grazas
Georgian დიდი მადლობა
German Danke
Greek σας ευχαριστώ
Haitian Creole Mèsi poutèt ou
Hausa Na gode
Hawaiian Mahalo
Hebrew תודה
Hindi Dhanyawaad
Hungarian köszönöm
Icelandic þakka þér
Igbo Daalụ
Indonesian terima kasih
Irish Go raibh maith agat
Italian grazie
Japanese ありがとう
Javanese matur nuwun
Kannada ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು
Khmer សូមអរគុណអ្នក
Korean Kamsahamnida
Lao ຂໍຂອບໃຈທ່ານ
Latvian paldies
Lithuanian ačiū
Macedonian ви благодариме
Malagasy misaotra
Malay Terima kasih
Maltese Grazzi
Mandarin Xie xie
Maori Mauruuru
Marathi Dhanyawaadh
Mikmak Welálin
Mongolian баярлалаа
Moré barka
Navajo Ahéhee’
Nepali Dhanyabaad
Ojibwe miigwetch
Pashto manana
Persian تشکر از شما
Polish dziękuję
Portuguese obrigado
Romanian mulțumesc
Russia спасибо
Scots tapadh leibh
Serbian хвала
Slovak ďakujem
Slovenian hvala
Somali Waad ku mahadsan tahay
Spanish Gracias
Swahili Asante
Swedish Tack
Tagalog Salamat
Tajik rahmat
Tamil நன்றி
Telugu ధన్యవాదాలు
Thai ขอบคุณ
Tonga tualumba
Turkish teşekkür ederim
Ukranian Спасибі
Urdu آپ کا شکریہ
Uzbek rahmat
Vietnamese cảm ơn bạn
Welsh Diolch yn fawr
Yiddish אַ דאַנק
Yocuba Balika
Yoruba o ṣeun
Zulu Ngiyabonga


Now go, be grateful and thank the people around you!

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What is “Adult Swim”?

Adult Swim is one of those terms you may have heard about but never explored enough to truly understand. If you’re curious enough to spend 8 minutes learning about it, here’s the best video on Earth to explain it:

Don’t worry – this isn’t dirty or gross.

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Ideas Are Like Boogers


Some stick. Some don’t.

There are big ones and small ones.

They often arise in spurts.

Some people are overrun by them and accomplish nothing. Others never seem to get one.

If you look for one too hard where there are none, you’ll bleed.

Sometimes they attack in the middle of the night.

You can appreciate a friend’s, but you can’t really share it.

Polite society avoids them.

Kids who have them get noticed.

Ignoring one won’t make it go away, no matter how hard you try.

Each one is unique.

If you launch it right, it can take on a life of its own.

Good ones can be shared – to the astonishment of all.

New ones aren’t necessarily better than old ones.  They’re just newer.

Old ones aren’t necessarily better than new ones.  They’re just older.

They come less often in summer.

It used to be a boy thing, but by now folks realize that girls get them too.

Not all are worth digesting.

Few are worth buying.

Timing is key.

Like it or not, your Mom’s and Dad’s aren’t that different from your own.

If you’re lucky, yours will outlive you.

You can put one in a book.

Even those worth disregarding are free and often harmless.

A trek through nature can inspire really big ones.

Big ones that won’t quite arrive are frustrating.

Alone, they cannot feed you.

They are common to people living in every corner of the Earth, with surprisingly little variation.

Imagine what would happen if a million people all used theirs in a coordinated movement.

They are shaped by you.

They can be used to feed plants.

When you have a big one, celebrate it.  Look at it closely from all angles.  Laugh at it.  Then decide what to do with it.

Just because a role model gave you one, doesn’t mean you have to keep it.


— — —


When is the last time you had one of epic proportion?  What did you do with it?

What will you do with your next good one?