I Don’t Even Know

As if more proof were needed, this video shows that people have too much time on their hands:


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Should I Get a Cat?

To see what owning a cat is like, press play:

(If you’re asking the question, the answer is yes: get a cat. 🙂 )

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Music Video from Outer Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield goes down in history as the first guy to make a great music video from outer space. Recorded aboard the International Space Station, the imagery is simply stunning.

A Look Behind the Scenes

How exactly does a guitar end up in space? What model does a Canadian astronaut end up playing in the video?

This quick video gives the story behind humanity’s first space guitar:

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Marketing Done Right

The folks promoting the new James Bond movie Skyfall correctly use every tool from 2012. Smooth is an understatement.

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