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Quantum Physics Documentaries

Interesting in learning about quantum physics? Enjoy spacey and mysterious synthesized sound effects? Here are two introductory videos you may enjoy!

Based on these videos, there is a lot that we don’t know about how the universe functions. However, it appears certain that synthesizer pads and the sound of explosions are required for documentaries about quantum physics. :)

Dramatic sound or not, truly tiny science really is fascinating!

Why Are Humans So Brainy?

Scientist Suzana Herculano-Houzel is a neuroscientist at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Rio de Janeiro. In this TED talk, she explores human brains in search of answers to puzzling questions about humanity.

Here is her talk:

Suzana developed her own way to count the number of neurons within a brain. She calls it “brain soup.” It’s a simple and fast way to analyze and compare the brains of various species.

A few highlight facts:

  • a brain’s size and the number of neurons are often not related
  • the human brain has on average 86 billion neurons
  • 16 billion of these human neurons are in the cerebral cortex
  • no other species (rodent, primate, etc.) yet studied has so many neurons in its cerebral cortex

The connections between diet and brain potential are fascinating.

Fun stuff! I think I need a sandwich :)

What Would Two Dimensions Feel Like?

Ever wonder what life would be like in only two dimensions? If you could only move forwards and backwards and side to side, but not up or down?

This video has fun playing with life in 2D:

What dimensions are we blind to? “None” is a fairly safe answer, but it’s much more fun to imagine where a 4th dimension might go. If your answer is “time”, then our inability to move freely forward and backward through time makes us seem pretty limited, not unlike the Circles in Flatland!

Dr. Quantum – Double Slit Experiment

Good old Dr. Quantum. If you’re unfamiliar with the double slit experiment, here it is:

Amazingly, it appears as though the simple act of observing an event can change it. This is a real mind-bender!

Electric Universe Documentary

Got a spare 64 minutes? Like documentaries that try to re-explain everything? Films with spacey music in the background?

If so, hit ‘play’ and find a comfy couch. They’re not selling anything and certainly can’t be accused of unoriginality.

Entitled “Thunderbolts of the Gods”, this documentary is based on a book of the same title by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill.

According to the film intro on, this is a revolutionary approach to seemingly disconnected disciplines including myth, deep space, quantum physics, and plasma. Naturally, whenever a paradigm shift is proposed, debate and disbelief follow closely behind.

Agree with it or not, it’s an interesting way to spend some screen time.

Personally, I love it when new theories are presented. It sure beats watching baseball, fixing cars, or reading the gossip column.

What Plants Talk About

Did you you know that plants can:

  • talk to each other?
  • call for help … to bugs!
  • change their flowers if the right pollinator doesn’t arrive on time?
  • mimic vampires?
  • choose their food?
  • identify family members?
  • make a 60 minute documentary intriguing?

Well, it turns out they can! This feature is entitled, “What Plants Talk About.”

Plants may not have brains, but still find ways to do surprisingly intelligent things.