Robot Rights?

Do robots deserve rights? Is that even a question worth asking?

This entertaining video raises questions to be answered in the coming years:

Before the Flood

Not only is this documentary informative and visually beautiful, it is enjoyable too.

If you liked it, share it with someone you know. The more that people talk about climate change as an urgent issue, the greater the likelihood that solutions will be implemented.

How Far Can Humans Go?

While I prefer the magic of science fiction filled with engines that take space ships all around the galaxy, this video presents a few facts to temper expectations:

That’s still a huge area for curious enterprises over the next few centuries.

What is Life? Death?

The fine folks at Kurzgesagt keep knocking their videos out of the park. Here’s a fine set of facts and questions that may alter your definitions of life and death:

What Causes Addictions?

Surprisingly, research surrounding the cause or contributing factors of addictions does not match many people’s assumptions:

I like how Reddit is listed as one of the addictions, but am not keen on what that may say about me…