What is Life? Death?

The fine folks at Kurzgesagt keep knocking their videos out of the park. Here’s a fine set of facts and questions that may alter your definitions of life and death:

What Causes Addictions?

Surprisingly, research surrounding the cause or contributing factors of addictions does not match many people’s assumptions:

I like how Reddit is listed as one of the addictions, but am not keen on what that may say about me…

How Far Can Humans Go?

While I prefer the magic of science fiction filled with engines that take space ships all around the galaxy, this video presents a few facts to temper expectations:

That’s still a huge area for curious enterprises over the next few centuries.

What is Microbiome?

What on Earth is the microbiome? It’s really important and actually not very complicated:

Transhumanism Primer

These questions won’t need urgent answers for a number of decades, but they’re interesting nonetheless: