How Far Can Humans Go?

While I prefer the magic of science fiction filled with engines that take space ships all around the galaxy, this video presents a few facts to temper expectations:

That’s still a huge area for curious enterprises over the next few centuries.

What is Microbiome?

What on Earth is the microbiome? It’s really important and actually not very complicated:

Transhumanism Primer

These questions won’t need urgent answers for a number of decades, but they’re interesting nonetheless:

What Happened Before History?

Want an interesting ten minute video that’ll frame your day in a different light? Human history is on today’s menu…

Exponential acceleration of development is on fine display throughout human history.

Fascinating Way To Save The Bees

The renowned mycologist and genius discoverer of immunological and bioremedial properties of mushrooms Paul Stamets unveils his latest breakthrough research.

This speech was given at the 2014 Bioneers Annual Conference.