Cats’ Crazy Energy Bursts

Indoor cats sometimes have a crazy burst of energy for 20-30 minutes. They run from one side of the house to the other, jumping over boxes and acting as if they’re in mortal peril. They do full throttle stops and starts, especially on carpeted areas with good kitty traction. They bound up stairs only to turn around and bound back down. They race along the tops of sofas, chairs, and shelves. They act as if they’d just consumed a dozen espressos.

It looks roughly like this:

So, why do cats do this?

Cats are made to survive outdoors, hunting for food while avoiding larger predators. This requires a lot of energy over the course of a day. Between naps, of course.

Cats who live indoors may appear to exercise and have an active life, but it is nothing compared with outdoor cats that cover long distances each day. Indoor cats walk around the house in search of activity and intrigue, whereas outdoor cats do the same at a much larger scale and predators to avoid.

There’s nothing wrong with having an indoor cat, but it needs to find a way to release the energy it would otherwise spend climbing trees, catching birds, and evading the German Shepherd from the neighbor’s farm. Cats typically aren’t angry during crazy spells – they’re just very high energy.

Giving an indoor cat a vigorous workout with a laser, throw toy, or yarn on a stick can help. Your indoor cat will still have bouts of craziness, but likely not as intense. It’s fun trying to out-play a cat!

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