Dr. Gordon Pedersen – 2013 Silver Update

Dr. Gordon Pedersen is Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, is a wound care specialist, and is a Naturopathic Doctor. He has published many articles, books, and videos on the role of silver in health.

As of 2013, there’s a brand new form of silver. It is better than silver sols and colloids of the recent past. It is called structured silver.

Two founders of the B3 Society, a women’s group with over 1000 members, caught up with Dr. Pedersen to film a quick video for its members. 100s of B3 women have already had great experiences with silver. This interview gets the group caught up on 2013’s improved silver.

Dr.Pedersen’s 2013- Silver Solutions from B3 Society on Vimeo.

Selected quotes from the video shown below…

Colloidal Silver, Silver Sol, New Alkaline Silvers

(time – 0:53)
Mercedes: In the B3 Society we’ve had a lot of experience with silver and we’ve been able to have a lot of really awesome results. Can you tell us a little bit about what’s new in silver?

Dr. Pedersen: … and colloidal silver could destroy bacteria, viruses, mold. Well, now we even have silver sol and other chemical forms of silver.

The latest and greatest is – we’ve discovered that an alkaline silver is very beneficial to wellness. What that means is, we now have silver that’s pH balanced in an alkaline form. All the other silvers are acids.

Silver Gel

Nicole: Would you like to tell us about the gel and how that’s different now and easier to…

Dr. Pedersen: The silver gel is probably my favourite product of any. Not only does silver come in a liquid, where you can drink it, but if you put in on your body in the gel it will stay in place, knowing that in six minutes silver can destroy bacteria, viruses, mold or yeast.

Mercedes: Some of the old gels had more additives in them and I’ve heard they’ve taken some of those out, such as TEA, I’ve heard?

Dr. Pedersen: Yeah, TEA doesn’t stand for tea, it stands for a chemical, and this chemical is used to thicken the liquid. … triethylamine is what it’s called. … The only problem is, in the past, it’s the number one thickening agent for gels in all the pharmaceutical world, but, it’s started to show up on – possibly could cause cancer or possibly it’s too heavy of a toxin. Well, it was never used in a very high amount, so everybody kind of turned a blind eye to it.

But isn’t it a lot smarter – if you’re going to use a daily product with all the benefits of silver, and it’s going to be alkaline for wellness – that we get rid of those possible carcinogens?

Women’s Health, Skin Care, Anti-Aging…

Dr. Pedersen: Women’s issues are probably the number one issue that the liquid silver and the gel is being used for presently. So I’ve written a book, and it’s on the women’s health issues using silver.

Dr. Pedersen: You can actually return the division of healthy skin cells to normal. That is anti-aging. On the skin, on every part of skin: hands, face…

And this is significant because this one provides a little bit more moisturizer than just plain silver of the past.

Mercedes: I heard this particular brand has pH that matches the skin pH so it work even better with skin.

Dr. Pedersen: … If you have a pH that’s too acidic, you’re going to dry, crack, and make skin bleed; actually more pathogens will get in. If it’s too alkaline you’ll end up with a powdery white surface that people are like, “I don’t want this everyday.” And they’ll quit using it because none wants to see residue on their clothes or on their skin.

So, this is the perfect pH for the skin. It destroys bacteria, viruses and mold. And those are the causes of premature aging.

pH-Balanced Structured Silver vs. Older Silvers

Mercedes: Is there any proof out there that says or that gives it justification as better than old silvers?

Dr. Pedersen: Well, the old silver is terrific. I have written books and done many many documentaries, I’ve done paper after paper from influenza to vaginal infections – it’s a terrific product.

Why is it just a little better now? Well, it’s a little better now because it’s alkaline and the alkalinity is better for wellness. We recognize that alkaline systems don’t allow most pathogens to even start to grow. So we’re putting an alkaline system to work and we’re doing it a way that the body can use it. And we tested it in a lab – the very same lab we’ve tested all the other silver in – did the test for us. And we found a 1.4 log reduction better killing rate. What does “1.4 log reduction mean? Well, that’s a logarithmic scale that says about 1.4 million cells were killed better using the new alkaline silver than in the other cells.

So, if you want to kill faster, more completely, better with an alkaline wellness system that is proven in the lab – just in the same placed we proved the others – that’s why I’m promoting the new pH balanced, alkaline, structured silver as opposed to the old, which is still terrific, it’s still wonderful – but don’t you want the very best?

And with the philosophy change, “I’m not putting an acid in my body, I’m actually putting alkaline in my body,” it’s working with my body instead of just going through there like chemotherapy and destroying stuff. We now have a wellness system that’s for every day.

Hundreds of Successes

Mercedes: We’ve bought hundreds of bottles. Our society has had hundreds of success stories. Everything, like you said, from the allergies to burns to our skin, our own personal skin, and we’re just forever grateful.

Nicole: I’m really excited about the new silver because we’re learning a lot about alkalinity and how that’s important for the body, so this is that much greater. It’s really exciting.

New Silver: Thank You Silver

Mercedes: So, thank you.

The new silver that we’re taking or using is “Thank You Silver”, a perfect name for even thanking Dr. Pedersen. Thank you so much for meeting with us today. We’re so grateful.

If you are new to silver beyond it’s use in electronics, money markets, jewelry, or the Olypmics, this commercial sums up the health angle pretty well:

Silver’s uses as an antimicrobial, past and present, include:

  • silver vessels
  • silver coins
  • silverware
  • silver foil
  • colloidal silver
  • modern water purification systems
  • silver in fabrics
  • swimming pool sanitation
  • silver hospital supplies
  • structured silvers