Happy 30th, Commodore 64

The breakthrough device in fun home computing is about to turn 30.

Orange Double SID
Photo Credit: Audrey & Max via Compfight

Brought into full production in 1982, the Commodore 64 was by far the most entertaining & usable early computer. A hybrid in terms of intended use, it was distinct from pure video game consoles like ColecoVision (also released in 1982) and from pure early “serious” computers like IBM’s XT PC (released in 1983). You could program with it, use a modem (though very slowly), do office tasks (again, slowly), and play games that featured excellent graphics and almost no latency. At the time, it was miles ahead of the competition.

Something went desperately wrong with marketing or corporate strategy along the way, but for a time it was really the cutting edge. For many, Commodore is the beginning of home or personal computing. Maybe it was commercials like this that did Commodore in:

What is it? A learning tool? A programming platform? A party magnet?

Regardless of what it was or wasn’t, the games on the Commodore were really amazing. Remember that this device comes from 1982:

Happy 30th, Commodore!