Massive Ice Cube Supply Now Available

Just in time for the summer, a huge Antarctic chunk of ice has broken free and is now eligible for cooling U.S. drinks.

While scientists and environmentalists react with shock, thirsty young men and women around the world can now relax, knowing they do not need to worry about how to keep their lemonade, malt beverages, or picnic coolers chilled this year.

Wilkins Ice Sheet

The new supply of ice, formerly known as the Wilkins ice sheet, is approximately 160 square miles in size. While the depth of the ice is not fully known at this time, experts predict that there will be enough ice for everyone this June, July and August – perhaps 2-3 trillion ice cubes.

In addition to being plentiful, this ice is also high quality. Experts peg the new crushed ice, cellar, and AC supply at somewhere between 1000 and 1500 years old, formed in temperatures as low as -94°F. If that’s not cold, beats me what is.

Please, enjoy your cold beverages while you can. 🙂