Only in Russia…

“Only in Russia” is a surprisingly popular topic. But what is it people want that’s only available in Russia?

Based on internet search data, bizarre answers are revealed. Phrases people type into search engines including “Russia” show the truth about what the world really wants. Some of these may surprise you!

Top 15 Bizarre Russia Searches

(top weird phrases people enter into search engines with “Russia”; # per year)

“from russia with love” – over 140,000 searches per year

1963, Sean Connery, 007, and a story that still thrills… It’s a dated version of Russia that people still love:

“is tide laundry detergent sold in russia” – over 50,000 searches

Why on Earth do so many people want to know?

“opera in russia salaries” – over 50,000 searches

You know global unemployment figures are bad when…

“russia bikini” – over 100,000 searches

Possible proof that western men dislike the body types produced by their own western diet?

?????? ? ???!Creative Commons License Andrey via Compfight

“amber room russia” – over 80,000

Now this is an interesting story. Dubbed the eighth wonder of the world, this is possibly the fanciest room ever built. Too bad Hitler and the gang made it disappear during WWII. Originally started in 1701, the whereabouts of the room remain a mystery to this day. This is a treasure hunt for the ages that remains almost completely unsolved.

“women saratov russia” – over 80,000 searches

According to the online search data, the Russian city of Saratov is a clear #1 destination for people seeking Russian women. Why this city is a focal point, who on Earth knows? Zoom in to see if you can find some.

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Interestingly, Saratov is right across the river from a city called Engels (angels).

Note: if every search for Russian women were included on this list, it would have been waaaaaaaaay longer. Russian brides, Russian consorts, Russian hotties… They’re all the rage, it would seem.

“empress elizabeth of russia” – over 60,000

She ruled from 1741 to 1762 in regal style. More recently, though, she starred in the Japanese anime Le Chevalier D’Eon.

“catherine the great of russia” – over 50,000

Russia’s most popular Empress, are people curious about Catherine the Great’s political triumphs? Her immigration strategies? Or are they simply curious about whether or not she really died from an accident while attempting sex with a horse?

A potrinha olhos-de-céu Eduardo Amorim via Compfight

“russia 29 mummified bodies” – over 200,000 searches

Creepy… Some Russian weirdo stalked graveyards and exhumed the bodies of 29 young women, which he then mummified, dressed up, and kept in his apartment. True story.

“little shotgun russia” – over 150,000

Arms dealers in Russia? No, really?

“i can see russia from my house” – over 40,000

This phrase famously circulated as Sarah Palin’s “proof of international expertise” while campaigning to become Vice President in 2008. While she never spoke these exact words (they were actually taken from an SNL skit with Tina Fey impersonating her brilliantly), they stuck like glue. Here is the real Sarah Palin story:

And people think Russia is a joke? The Alaskan parrot (according to John Cleese) was just a few % away from being Vice President… BIZARRE

“russia deprivation” – over 50,000 searches

98% of the world’s population suffers from this.

“russia dachshund wirehaired” – over 40,000

Seriously cute pups. Also, USA’s worst fear realized: a German-Russian union…

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friendCreative Commons License Dan bennett via Compfight

“bridge to russia” – over 40,000

Sounds like an idea out of the Rhinoceros Party platform, the Canadian political party who promised to build a bridge over Saskatchewan if elected.

“girl scout russia swaps” – over 30,000

No, there’s no sinister plot by foreign parents to send off their children for a multi-month holiday… SWAPs are pins that girl scouts make to trade with each other. International spirit at its best!

Merit Badges Sarah Best via Compfight

“nesting dolls from russia” – over 130,000

Finally, some wholesome fun.

Matrioska eyesCreative Commons License _Zeta_ via Compfight



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