Star Trek Continues

Star Trek Continues is a non-commercial fan fiction video series producing excellent new episodes that are freely released online. The story picks up with the Captain Kirk Enterprise (1701) in the time period just after the cancellation of The Original Series and the Animated Series.

More information, full episodes, and behind the scenes footage is available at Their YouTube channel is also filled with great content.

The best thing you can do if you’re a Trekker is to enjoy these episodes, share them around, and send feedback to the team of volunteers making these videos that you like what they’re doing. There is superb writing, set-making, universe expansion, production, acting, sound, and obvious respect for the tradition they are working within. This fan sure loves it!

For ease of viewing, here are the first eleven full episodes…

Episode 1: Pilgrim of Eternity

Episode 2: Lolani

Episode 3: Fairest of Them All

Episode 4: The White Iris

Episode 5: Divided We Stand

Episode 6: Come Not Between the Dragons

Episode 7: Embracing the Winds

Episode 8: Still Treads the Shadow

Episode 9: What Ships Are For

Episode 10: To Boldly Go: Part I

Episode 11: To Boldly Go: Part II

Live Long and Prosper

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