Top 10 Balding Jokes

Poor Bald Bill – he is losing his hair and everyone laughs. Good thing he doesn’t give a rip.


Balding = Perfect Heads on Public Display

Here are the top 100 10 jokes about his awesome hair loss:

10. At The Barbershop

Bald Bill: I want a haircut please.

Barber: Certainly. Which one?

9. Dancing

After accepting an invitation to dance with Bald Bill, a young woman wanted to lighten the mood and said, “Honey, God was good to you! He gave you a handsome face and room for another one.”

8. Sunday School

The Sunday School teacher asked if any of the children had heard a quote from the Bible in the past week. Little Billy spoke up, “Bald Bill doesn’t have any hair on his head. He says that God put hair on everything that he was ashamed of.”

7. Volleyball

Bald Bill had to stop playing volleyball because people kept swinging at his head.

6. Did God Make Bald Bill?

A little girl climbed into Bald Bill’s lap and studied his white, balding head.

“Did God make you?”, she asked.

“Yes”, he answered.

“Did God make me too?” she wondered.

“Yes”, he replied.

“Well,” she shrugged, “don’t you think he’s doing a lot better job now than he used to?”

5. Comedy Club

Bald Bill walks into a comedy club and the comedian spots his bald head.

He turns to the crowd and says, “Look, that guy spent all night doing his hair and then forgot to bring it with him.”

4. Pigheaded

Bald Bill: Doctor, can you give me something for my baldness?

Doctor: How about a few pounds of pig manure?

Bald Bill: Will that cure my baldness?

Doctor: No, but with that on your head no one will come near enough to notice.

3. Broken Bones

Bald Bill wonders if he can still get a hairline fracture.

2. Haircut From His Wife

Bald Bill’s wife was cutting his thinning hair, when little Billy arrived home looking for a snack. She offered a kiwifruit and tried to tempt him with its nutritious qualities. “It has more vitamin C than an orange,” she remarked.

“And more hair than Bald Bill,” added Little Billy.

1. Little Billy Asks About Baldness

Little Billy is eating breakfast one morning and gets to thinking about things.

“Mommy, mommy, why does Bald Bill have so few hairs on his head?” he asks his mother.

“He thinks a lot,” replies his mother, pleased with herself for coming up with such a quick answer to Little Billy’s question.

Or she is until Billy thinks for a second and asks, “So why do you have so much hair?”


From the full collection at hair loss is awesome.

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