Why Is Healthcare So Expensive?

Rising healthcare costs have been rightfully labelled as an important issue. The following program highlights several reasons why health costs around the globe are a challenge to “fix.” Be prepared to be aghast.

Is it the doctors fault? Insurance? Federal bungling? Big Pharma? Antiquated record-keeping? Inflation? Baby boomers? Malpractice defense? Entrenched interests? The Bogeyman?

Skip ahead to 2:11 for the start of the topic, which the host rightfully calls a “wedge issue.” It shouldn’t be. Regardless of political preference, everyone wants healthcare to be affordable.

The guest expert, Dr. Keith Smith, is introduced at 5:50. His presentation is not glitzy, but does an excellent job of beginning to illumine this thorny topic:

Everyone wants healthcare costs solved. No one seems to know how to do it. Gaining literacy on the issues at hand is the first step to “fixing healthcare.”